Website History Archive

Website history: Go back in time and find your answers

What happened to this page, why did the traffic drop? How many times have you seen a change in traffic but you couldn’t figure out what happened? Website History is here to help!

Performance growth


Is your metadata strategy really working?

Go back in time and check if your changes are having an impact on traffic. 



Are you sure your page has not been unintentionally redirected for a few days?

Make sure everything was in place with the easy website versioning dashboard.


Sometimes pages can go down for a few days and come back before you notice. 

Website History will alert you and record any change, allowing you to go back and check what happened

Website history archive will make sure that all the changes in your site (metadata, status code, canonicals, page crawls) are being stored since you create your account.

Our web page history archive contains millions of records, giving you peace of mind in case you need to go back in time and check how a page was in the past or if you need to back up data.

Traffic drop

What are your competitors doing?

In addition to your own website, you’re free to track your competitors and check what changes they are making on their pages!

Are they improving metadata? Have they redirected the website to a new domain? Did they create new content pages? Find out all the information you need and plan your strategy accordingly.

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