Tired of waiting for endless crawls?
Are you sure you are on top of all the website technical issues?

A status code issue (wrong redirect, 400 http errors, 500, etc…) can drastically degrade user experience and decrease your page ranking. But to find about these issues in time, we would need to perform a website Health Check almost every day, there’s just not enough time in a day to get it done, consistently.

With My SEO Toolbox, Health Check, the tool will daily crawl your website and spot immediately every issue that can cause disruption and loss in performance.

SEO health checks

Healthy website at a glance

My SEO Toolbox is one of the most advanced crawler on the market. Crawling multiple domains or subdomains has never been easier. Discover in a few seconds if your website is generating errors or having any kind of issue ( http status code, https security protocols, internal issues) that can lead to loss in performance.

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