Unlock the full potential of your website

My SEO Toolbox will crawl your website automatically on a daily basis, alerting you of technical issues that might affect user experience and your revenue

stop guessing, find out what works and what doesn’t

With its super easy dashboard, connected to Google Analytics you’ll be able to tell on a glimpse if the changes you’ve made on your website (title, descriptions, headers, redirects, etc..) are having a positive impact on organic traffic

get rid of hundreds of spreadsheets scattered everywhere

We organise and store everything under one place. No more boring VLOOKUPs or endless spreadsheets to reconcile. Find all the information you need in a single place and collaborate with your colleagues without having to worry about outdated data


Automated hygiene checks are only part of the picture. We’ll make sure your website is following your SEO inputs to the letter and alert you in case something is not as you recommend

Simple and effective

We don’t believe in big complex online SEO tools doing “all the work for you”.

Promoting your business and bringing customers to your website is a very creative work that can’t be automated.

We believe in creating very simple SEO tools to solve the real problems that are getting in the way of your creativity.

Minimum effort maximum outcome

Streamline your processes and move away from redundant, time consuming, error prone manual checks.

SEO is fun! We shouldn’t spend most of our days digging around crawlers and updating countless spreadsheet.

We’re removing the boring side of SEO, so you can go back to focusing on making an impact!

Our online SEO tool can help you save up to 27% of your Executive SEO time, allowing you to reinvest that time to create your unique business proposition


Whether you’re looking after a small site or a huge one, you need to be sure that the pages that bring customers to your site and revenues to your business are (and stay!) the way you need them to be.

You can add recommendations on what the important part of your website should look like, directly on My SEO Toolbox, and we’ll alert you if anything goes wrong. This includes changing metadata, redirects, identifying bugs & publishing errors.


A seemingly harmless change on your back office or admin panel can have unexpected result on the whole site, changing titles, descriptions etc, affecting your ranking permanently if you don’t take action immediately.

The fact is that there just isn’t enough time in life to check a website every single day and this is why we designed a tool where all the information you need are shown on a simple dashboard.

A few things we’re great at

Website history

Go back in time and check all metadata, redirects, canonical, status code of every page. Thanks to the connection with Google Analytics you can see the impacts of the changes you made

Hygiene checks

The tool will crawl the websites automatically every day giving an overview of all the potential issues that are disrupting the traffic


Set metadata, redirection and canonical and the tool will make sure they are as recommended. Avoid dropping in traffic due to unwanted changes

migration buddy

With few steps the tool will check redirect destinations metadata and canonical as well as any status code issues. A migration hasn’t been so easy.



Check redirects in bulk just copying and pasting your list. Furthermore you can add the location you decided to redirect the pages and we are checking it for you.

The secret of success

The secret of success

Thinking of how to grow your business giving you more time to focus on the important things. All the annoying parts are on us. 


Check all your websites in one easy dashboard and see overview results.

competitor history

Check how your competitor is doing and use those insights to benefit your website

customer service

A team of SEO and software engineers are at your disposal for serving you at best

Save time all the time

Let the tool work for you and just focus on checking performance

Start now it’s free!

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