SEO Tags Performance Tracker

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!”

SEO improvement

A big part of making a website popular is about finding the right SEO tags (eg: Titles, Headers, etc…).

It’s a test & learn exercise, but how do you know if you got it right? Sure, it’s possible to keep track of a few changes, but what if you start changing multiple pages, multiple times?

My SEO Toolbox, a new onpage SEO tool, you will understand the impact of all your changes by showing  traffic and meta tags changes in an easy dashboard.

Track progress

Figuring out a new SEO strategy can be a very complex endeavor, and can mean we need to make a lot of changes to our meta tags (Titles, Descriptions, Headers). 

But once we know exactly how we would like our metadata to look like, it can be even harder to make sure that all of them are and stay as we need them to be.

In the past we use to do it manually, but that can be very time consuming, requiring a lot of spreadsheets and can easily turn into a mess.

Recommendation tracker makes that a problem of the past, just login into your dashboard and you’ll find out how things are going on a glimpse.

Store metadata

Store all your metadata records in one location is now possible

Keep track of each metadata every time you want and be able to check all the changes have been done on your titles or H1s in the past. No more duplications or unuseful repetition of titles 

Benefits for agencies

Many of SEO agency provides metadata that are implemented by external technical agencies. Due to this differentiation of processes many times, metadata are implemented not correctly leading to a massive drop in traffic. 
With Metadata tracker performance you can

Be alerted if the metadata are not as you recommended

Easy way to check if a metadata change has brought traffic

Measure performance based on a metadata change

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