How can Redirect Check help you?

A good redirect can make the difference between seamlessly transferring the page authority where you need it or loosing it forever. That can mean months of work going out of the window. Sending an user to a wrong location can increase bounce rate and loss in page authority affecting drastically the performance of your website. 

Having redirects under control is the best way of taking care of your website and avoid unwanted lost in rankings. 

With My SEO Toolbox Redirect Check you can check the status of any URL. You can also add to each page an expected destination URL and the tool will check if it matches with your recommendation. 

Redirect check screenshot
Excel screenshot

How can I use the insights to improve my website?

With My SEO Toolbox Redirect Check, you can always have an overview of what is working and not on your website avoiding immediately disruption to your users.


Are there any 302 chain redirect that should’t be there? Are they preventing the page to get link juice and therefore increase page authority?


Is the destination page different from the expected one? Could be the user annoyed by this and increase bounce rate?


Is there a 404 page? Is this page supposed to be there or it is undermining the traffic of the website and therefore you are loosing money?


Let the tool check all these insights for you and you can spend extra time to focus on other important tasks

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