How can Migration Buddy can help you with your migration?

Migrate a website is one of the most difficult part of SEO. With so many processes to follow is very easy to make mistakes that can lead to disastrous consequences. 

Our mission is to help speed up some processes and reduce human errors that can affect at cascade, the migration implementation.Checking metadata, redirects, canonical, status codes can be enormously time consuming considering the quantity of time you need to check them. An easy workflow will save you time and effort. 

Recommendation migration process

Here 3 easy steps to save lot of time

Staging environment work-space 

With My SEO Toolbox, you can create different work-spaces and set a daily crawl also on staging environments. In this way you can check if all the changes you’ve made have been done correctly before pushing them live.

Add all inputs you like on the tool

Set titles, descriptions, H1s, redirects and canonical as you wish and start the crawl. Once the website will be moved to the new location, the tool will alert you if anything is not as it should so that you can act quickly on the issue.

Move to live environment

Once everything has been finalised on staging you just need to download the file from the work-space you’ve been working on, change the domain with the live one and re-upload all the data in a new work-space. The tool will double check if everything has been correctly implemented in a matter of seconds on the live enviromnment

How can I use the insights to improve my website?

With My SEO Toolbox Migration Buddy and the easy to read dashboard you can see how your migration is proceeding at any time acting immediately on the issue.


Make sure all redirects are pointing to the correct location


Ensure all metadata are as you have planned at the beginning of the migration


Make sure there isn’t any status code issue preventing the page to be seen


Let the tool check all these insights for you and you can spend extra time to focus on other important tasks

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