Redirect Check

Check your redirect list in few seconds

Wrong redirects and wrong http response code can kill your page authority but crawling your website everyday and checking everything is in order is just not an option!

Redirect Check can solve this problem for you once and for all. Just copy/paste the the list of URLs you need to check directly from your spreadsheet and our Redirect Checker will come back to yo with an easy-to-read report.

Additionally you can add your expected redirect destinations, next to the source URL and it will check if everything is pointing to the right location.

Excel screenshot

Check your redirects in bulk

With Redirect Check, you can easily find the status code on your redirects list with few simple clicks.
Download the list on a XLS file or create an account and add all the pages to a work-space an we will store them and check them daily for you. 

Check status code

Check if all the pages are serving a correct status code ( avoid 404 and 302 redirects).

chain redirects

Check if any unwanted redirect chains is present that might affect the performance.

Redirect recommendation

For each URL provide a correct location you think the redirect should point to, and the tool will check it for you. 

store your redirects

With one click store all your redirects and let us check them daily. Each URL with be visualised with a number of other insights, like metadata, inbound links, canonical, etc. 

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