Create as many dashboards as you like and track all the changes on your websites and your competitors. Receive notifications when any major SEO factor changes and relate them with an increase or decrease in traffic


No more misunderstanding or time lost in searching old metadata, everything that you need is at one glance with My SEO Toolbox dashboard

daily health checks

Daily automatically crawl of your websites with reports on technical issues. No more 404 pages or unwanted disruption of the service without being notified immediately  

My SEO Toolbox has been created to give SEO experts one easy tool that condense the main tools he was used to use in the past in one only dashboard overview.
No more million of tools opened in your browsers, no more hundreds of accounts to create and check on a daily basis, no more spreadsheets with updated versions scattered in different locations with negative consequences if you loose a file. 
The tool allows you to store everything under one place. Every info can be restored in an easy way just searching by URL, in this way it can give you an overview of the changes happening on a specific page, from a metadata to a redirect or a canonical point of view.
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 Daily health checks

Tired of checking issues every day?

Let the tool check your website daily and find issues that might affect your performance. With the user friendly dashboard you have a clear overview of the health of your website and act immediately before traffic can be affected´╗┐

SEO health checks
Recommendations tracker

Are you sure the titles you changed had an impact ?

Every time a Metadata on your website changes you will be notified and you can easily take actions. No more time spent on checking hundreds of metadata. With Google analytics connection also you can see if the changes you made have affected the traffic growth.

metadata tracker
Crawl multiple domains

No more exhausting crawls

How long did you spend in crawling websites just last month? With My SEO Toolbox crawling your websites won’t be an problem anymore. Have immediate access to tenths of websites crawls with just one click and have an overview of your accounts in a matter of seconds.  

SEO crawling waiting time
Discover all the SEO factors in one go

How much time do you spend switching accounts?

With MySEO Toolbox you have all the data you need in one interface. Check metatadata you have provided, redirects, canonical or status code of each page. Relate the changes with Google Analytics and start improving your websites with these aggregated insights. 

Workspaces SEO tool box
Easy migration

What if we automate your migration processes? 

Save hours of your time and let the tool help you with your website migration. Set everything you need to check on the tool and leave to us your migration’s headaches  

Speed up migration process
Redirect Check

Unlimited redirect check? Now it’s possible

Discover the status code of each page you’d like in a matter of seconds without limit. Download the file or save the document on our tool. Include the location each URL should point at and the tool will check the status code for you, everyday. 

Redirect check
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