How can metadata recommendation tracker help you?

The way you shape your metadata has a huge impact on the ranking of your website.

A good title doesn’t just improve your click through rate but can also boost your position on search engines.

A change in metadata can improve your ranking or send your website to the bottom of the Search results. Even more, a missing a title can be disruptive and lead to a drop in ranking and loss in revenues.

With Metadata recommendation tracker, you can keep track of each metadata on your website. Changes will be shown alongside traffic on the page, so you can easily see the impact of your work.

Is it really working or the traffic has dropped? Shall I keep that title or shall I change tactic and create another sentence?

These are just few questions we can answer for you!

How does it work?

With Metadata Recommendation Tracker you can easily set expected metadata, redirect and canonical for each page of your website directly on your dashboard. You can set them manually for each URL or in bulk, by importing an XLS spreadsheet.

Once the expected (we call them Recommended) metadata are in the tool, it will check them for you on a daily basis and allow you to see their impact in an easy-to-read graph (see below).

With its intuitive timeline you can see all the changes done and the related organic traffic changes. 

SEO metadata Screenshot

All the rows explained one by one

Clicking the blue edit button you can manually add any recommendation that you like. Every time the tool spots a difference between the recommendation you gave and the actual metadata on the website, it will give you an alert displaying a ” differences” tag. 

In case you don’t provide a recommendation the tool will display an “ignored” tag under the main SEO factor. If no tag is present in the row, the metadata has been implemented as recommended. 

Do you want to add all the recommendations in bulk?

Go to the work-space option on the navigation bar an select “ADD BULK RECOMMENDATION”. You can copy paste the data on the tool or upload an Excel file. Make sure the input follow the structure recommended as below:

bulk add recommendation
Recommendation preview
Check the performance in one sec

Once everything is set up, thanks to the easy dashboard, you can check and be alerted when all the recommendations will be implemented. 

No more time consuming excel files and ugly vlookup, just open the tool and you have at your disposal all the information you need. 

metadata tracker

How can I use the insights to improve my website?

With My SEO Toolbox, metadata tracker, you have a clear overview of what has changed in each page and based on the traffic improvement/decrease you can act responsively to replicate or change the part of SEO that needs to be modified. Here few hints that the tool can give you just on a glance:

Is your redirect not pointing to the correct location creating disruption to your users?

Are there redirect chains, with 302 in the middle that can drastically affect the traffic?

Is the canonical added wrongly and therefore the page is not ranking?

Is the title missing affecting Users experience and rankings?

Are there more than 1 H1s that can impact the SEO? 

 Is the page linked to other pages or it is an orphaned one?

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